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Increase user retention and skyrocket your revenue

We fuel growth for the most disruptive mobile & web companies by combining user behavioral analytics with automated & personalized user experience


Get real-time user behavioral analytics reflecting user facts, habits, intents and preferences.

How we do it?


Create a contextual experience with hyper-targeted messaging across any channel make your users feel special.

How we do it?


Enjoy skyrocketing user retention & customer lifetime value boost.
And +35% revenue growth in average

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What they say about us

From startups to Fortune500 companies, we scale with you

“As a growing startup, we needed a tool that would help us give us actionable insights to improve our users engagement on mobile & web. Air360 team also delivered extremely valuable advice to implement context-aware & trigger based automations which resulted in a 1.8X growth in active users.”

Billel Bara VP Marketing @

“Air360 allowed us to improve our conversion rate by 32% while also helping us to upsell our existing customer base. The best part is that it literally took us 10 minutes to install. Air360 insights also helped us quickly find a bug in our onboarding process from day one. Saying that we are very happy with air360 ROI is an understatement.”

Emil Novakov Online Marketing @

“As one of the leading eCommerce company catering to the biggest brands in the world with up to thousands of orders per day, we gave air360 a try to see how it could benefit our sales metrics. Air360 helped us boost our user lifetime value by crafting a data-informed UX design.”

Olivier Schott CoFounder & CMO @

“Our team was using an another tool previously but soon realized it was difficult for us to get value from it without a team of data scientist. Air360 team did the heavy lifting for us and their team is very responsive. We consider Air360 to be a competitive edge for our business.”

Charles Vieillard Managing Director @ SnapData

Powerful yet incredibly simple

Air360 is like having your own dedicated team of data scientist




Classic Analytics only offers basic insights.
Air360 provides an in-depth look into your visitors' browsing and purchasing behaviors. No more relying on your intuition to make optimization decisions.

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What's under the hood?

Ready in 1 minute

It literally takes less than a minute to start tracking your first events.

Capture everything

No more hassle of configuring events, no more app to re-submit, just install and enjoy!

Low latency & footprint

Unlike many analytics, our code is extra light and doesn’t slow down your app or website.

User focused

Forget about clicks & page views, start understanding user behavior and what drives growth or churn.

Data augmented

Our API lets you add any extra information about your users for improved insights.

Adapts to you

Our data scientists team is by your side to ensure you get the most useful metrics for your business.