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Finally a tool that gives you superpowers to unlock your full conversion rate potential. Stop leaving money on the table from today.

Why should you care?

Tired or endless & complicated analytics reports? So were we. At the end of the day, it's about how you can generate more sales. Air360 helps you uncover hidden insights that will drive more revenue.

How are we different?

Simple features. Amazing results.


Air360 tracks everything for you, no developer needed. Never miss data again.

Point & click

Our Chrome Extension helps you unlock hidden data.

Intelligent replays

Watch sessions replays that impacted your conversion rate.

Funnels made easy

 Build powerful funnels or any visualization in minutes.

"For a company seeking rapid growth, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is simply a must-have. CRO is the most important marketing activity because it makes every visitor exponentially more valuable."

Rand Fishkin

Moz.com Founder

They improve their conversion rates with us

We were already using Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. The fact that Air360 lets us build funnels in minutes without involving our IT team is a strong value proposition. Air360 helped us find several conversion rate killers. Session replays are also very effective!

Khalid Bajjouj

Head of Digital Marketing

Air360 is a very cost effective solution to help us analyze our data. The codeless approach is perfect for a fast iterating startup like us. Clicking around on our web pages to get our data feels like magic! The tool is also super simple & friendly.

Jonathan Dury

Head of UX

As an eCommerce startup, being able to spot conversion rate problems is a must have. Air360 allows us to iterate faster. With Air360, our whole team can make the right decisions to stay on the top of our game.

Olivier Schott


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