Behavioral analytics made to fuel your growth.

Driving more

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AI-powered growth analytics for busy people like you.

Data science and AI offer a competitive edge which is reshaping all industries. They also require huge investments of efforts, money and time. With Air360 all you need is 7 lines of code, we do the rest.

Prevent churn before it's too late.

Air360 AI predicts which users have a high risk of churning so you can take the appropriate action to keep them around.


Be ready for a-ha moments.

See how your users actually use your mobile app or website. Watch the exact steps your users did before leaving or buying. Spoiler alert: You might be surprised!


Take the lead.

Similar to what Netflix does with movies, Air360 learns what your users are likely to buy based on browsing behavior. Upsell your customers and increase revenue in a snap.


Be relevant.

Our AI based customer segmentation will automatically make sense of your customer behaviors so you can focus on making the user experience relevant.


Because nobody likes dashboards

No one likes to check dashboards. Let Mochi, your new assistant, find insights that matter to your business. Mochi learns what you care about and gets smarter with time.


Be first to detect errors

App crashes, slow pages or rage clicks can be silent conversions killers and go unnoticed for days or weeks. Let Mochi keep a tab on this for you.


Become a growth hero

Driving growth is a complicated process. If you can’t keep track of your progress, goals, and problems in real-time, your company’s growth will be unpredictable at best. We’re here to help you take control of your growth. Your new AI assistant will help you quickly spot what's going on and handle problems before they slow you down.


higher profits Companies using analytics effectively have 126% profit improvement over competitors. -McKinsey


more revenue Companies actively using data have 50% higher revenue growth. -Dell Global Technology Index


more use Top-performing organisations use analytics 5x more than bottom performers. -MIT Sloan Management Review

What's under the hood?


Ready in 1 minute

It literally takes less than a minute to start tracking your first events.


Capture everything

No more hassle of configuring events, no more app to re-submit, just install and enjoy!


Low latency & footprint

Unlike many analytics, our code is extra light and doesn’t slow down your app or website.


User focused

Forget about clicks & page views, start understanding user behavior and what drives growth or churn.


Data augmented

Our API lets you add any extra information about your users for improved insights.


Adapts to you

Our data scientists team is by your side to ensure you get the most useful metrics for your business.

Powerful yet incredibly simple

Air360 is like having your own dedicated team of data scientist

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Finally get why your users

leave or buy

Classic Analytics only offers basic insights. Air360 provides an in-depth look into your visitors' browsing and purchasing behaviors. No more relying on your intuition to make optimization decisions. Air360 is like having your own data science team.

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