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Streamline your product roadmap based on facts

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Air360 is a codeless and tagless Digital Experience Analytics solution

Start capturing all user interactions in seconds. Our plug and play solution can be set up in minutes, without any IT help. There is no risk of missing any data – once the pixel is on, you are ready to play!

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Follow user footprints and fingerprints, and quickly discover the obstacles that make your audience leave your website without purchasing.

Air360 offers features that speak both to data analysts and business decision makers to answer unresolved questions:

  • Is my content helping me with conversion?
  • Are user journeys clear enough?
  • Why do users abandon the cart?

Enter the new digital advertising dimension

Create your own first-party data ecosystem, based on non-sampled, high-quality user behavior data.

The cookieless era is here, and you have a great opportunity to strengthen client relationships. Build a strong bond with your customers by offering them personalized journeys based on our powerful segmentation engine. Activate user segments into your favorite marketing automation tools to create meaningful connections with your audience.

“With Air360 we can get more people involved in making data-driven decisions on a global scale.”

Nelson Fernandes

Digital Analytics Manager

Become a conversion hero

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