Drive more revenue from your existing user base

Understand how your product is being used to define your product strategy. Enhanced user satisfaction will lead to more long-term revenue

Air360 assists state-of-the-art product & CS teams

Product Managers

UX Managers & UX Researchers

Customer Success Managers

Product & CS teams leveraging on Air360

Product & CS teams: take data-driven decision thanks to Air360

New Features adoption

Your product is constantly changing: analyze usages on any new part of your product seamlessly.
Skip the tagging step that is slowing down your team.

Usage trends & alerting

Our AI-powered insights help you remaining up-to-date about your users' behaviors.
Never miss any trend again.

User and Account-level usages

Measure accurately who uses your product and how frequently to design taylor-made Customer Success strategies.
Trigger alerts or automation when users' engagement is dropping.

Watch how your users behave in your app

Watch actual sessions of your users and understand how they are interacting with your product.