Are you using Amplitude?

Meet Air360, the Amplitude alternative

Air360 tracks everything by default and lets you analyze anything you want when you need it. By contrast, Amplitude requires you to define what you will need in the future. If you forgot to track something, the past data is lost forever.

That said, Amplitude is an amazing product with several great features. See our comparison chart below to see differences between both solutions.

Tracking on mobile: All you have to do is get our pixel in the app and you're done. This usually take 2 minutes.

Everything tracked by default

All your data questions answered directly with retroactivity!

Mobile tracking requires to explicitly define everything you want to track and have your engineers implement tracking code for each of them.

Everything which is not tracked is lost forever

No need to annoy your developers. No more back & forth between marketing and developers

Marketers can ask questions even for things that were never tracked before.

Requires a thoughtful process to make sure you track all actions to get the full value of the product on the long term.

Quite a lot of time need to be invested in the product to get the actionable insights.

Feel the magic of asking a question like “how many users who did X also performed Y” and get the answer in real time. Even if you never thought about tracking X or Y before.

No retroactivity for data question if you did not think of tracking it before. You will need to ask your engineers to add tracking code. Then wait weeks to gather sufficient data to perform any relevant analysis.

Air360 does not offer any integration with Data Science software at the moment.

Amplitude offers a lot of advanced possibilities for data scientists who want to access their data from various tools they already know like Tableau Software.

Air360 provides powerful automations so you when your visitors or customers enter a segment or does a specific set of actions, you can automatically email them, add them to your Salesforce or tag them in your CRM. Air360 plays nice with 1000+ other applications. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities to take your growth to the next level (and be less busy ☕). Your Customer Success team will love this feature.

Amplitude doesn’t provide any automation feature.

Who is it for?

Made for startups (or large business who want to a fast ROTI (Return On Time Invested).

Who is it for?

For teams who have no restriction on time/budget to commit to their analytics, it's a great solution.


Pricing structure is very simple, it only depends on how many sessions your website or app has per month. All plans include everything you need.


Pricing structure is a bit complex with several add-ons that need to be purchased separately for different needs. Because of this, cost is not easily predictable as your needs will evolve in the future.

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