Are you using Google Analytics?

Meet Air360, the Google Analytics alternative

Air360 tracks everything by default and lets you analyze anything you want when you need it. By contrast, Google Analytics requires you to define what you will need in the future. If you forgot to track something, the past data is lost forever.

That said, Google Analytics is an amazing product with several great features. See our comparison chart below to see differences between both solutions.

Tracking on mobile: All you have to do is get our pixel in the app and you're done. This usually take 2 minutes.

Everything tracked by default

All your data questions answered directly with retroactivity!

Mobile tracking requires to explicitly define everything you want to track and have your engineers implement tracking code for each of them

Everything which is not tracked is lost forever

Made for startups (or large business who want to a fast ROTI (Return On Time Invested).

No need to annoy your developers No more back & forth between marketing and developers

Marketers can ask questions even for things that were never tracked before.

Need a long & complex setup if you want to get the full value of the product. GTM make it a bit easier but still tedious.

While checking the basic things are very easy, GA can become a huge work to find real insights in your data.

Quite a lot of time need to be invested in the product to get the actionable insights.

Proactive and works for you

Get immediate insights such as the number of errors encountered on a page. Air360 will immediately let you know about it.

If the latest version of your iPhone app encounters an abnormal amount of crashes, Air360 will let you know right away so you don’t lose your precious users.

Needs a lot of time put in

Time consuming if you want to get real time alerting, needs complicated set up & maintenance. As a result, only very few companies get this right.

Built & designed to tell you the story what your users actually do with your website or your app

Check how individual users are using your app with the full story line

Focused on macro data such as pageviews, sessions…

Only macro events with sampling, not possible to go down to the user level.

Our team help you get the full value of the product. No need for complex setup. Customers report much more productivity.

No support provided by Google unless you pay big money. Usually need training or pay big consulting fees.

Air360 provides powerful automations so you when your visitors or customers enter a segment or does a specific set of actions, you can automatically email them, add them to your Salesforce or tag them in your CRM. Air360 plays nice with 1000+ other applications. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities to take your growth to the next level (and be less busy ☕). Your Customer Success team will love this feature.

Google Analytics doesn’t provide any automation feature.

Who is it for?

From startup to large companies who want actionable insights with the least amount of effort.

Amazing value for mobile apps who want to better understand their users.

Who is it for?

Large companies who can afford a dedicated expert Google Analytics team and the time, technical and financial investment required to maintain the analytics over time.


Cost structure is directly linked to the number of sessions you have.


Google Analytics is free but total cost to operate is usually very high because of hidden costs like consulting fees, time to set up, time spent on a weekly basis to find actionable data.

Google Analytics Premium costs 150,000$ per year.

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