Are you using Mixpanel?

Meet Air360, the Mixpanel alternative

Air360 and Mixpanel both track everything by default and lets you analyze anything you want when you need it.

Mixpanel is an amazing product with several great features. See our comparison chart below to see differences between both solutions.

360° view of the user across all platforms (mobile, native apps, web). Air360 can tell you the full story about how a user experienced your product/service across all devices.

If one of your visitor lands on your landing page, then logs on your website and later on use your mobile application. Mixpanel will consider and display this very same user as 3 different users. This makes it close to impossible to see how your users experience your product.

Air360 focuses on user analytics. If you want to do customer support or messaging, you'll need to use external software such as Zendesk, Intercom, or Salesforce.

Mixpanel offers several modules & integrations to perform customer support, surveying, A/B testing, messaging features.

Air360 provides powerful automations so you when your visitors or customers enter a segment or does a specific set of actions, you can automatically email them, add them to your Salesforce or tag them in your CRM. Air360 plays nice with 1000+ other applications. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities to take your growth to the next level (and be less busy ☕). Your Customer Success team will love this feature.

Mixpanel provides a few automations features that will let you send push notifications or emails automatically. However, any automation beyond this will require to involve your engineers for some coding and technical requirements.

Who is it for?

For teams who are focused on user analytics & insights with a cost-effective & predictable pricing.

Who is it for?

For teams who have no restriction on time/budget to commit to their analytics, it's a great solution.


Pricing structure is very simple, it only depends on how many sessions your website or app has per month. All plans include everything you need.


Pricing structure is a bit complex with several add-ons that need to be purchased separately for different needs. Because of this, cost is not easily predictable as your needs will evolve in the future.

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