Air360 allowed us to improve our conversion rate by 32% while also helping us to upsell our existing customer base. The best part is that it literally took us 10 minutes to install. Air360 insights also helped us quickly find a bug in our onboarding process from day one. Saying that we are very happy with air360 ROI is an understatement.

- Olivier Schott, CoFounder & CMO


Scalefast is a digital commerce solution that simplifies and streamlines ecommerce for inspirational brands that want to make their online store the best place to shop. They provide the platform, infrastructure and full - service business operations necessary to scale quickly and increase revenue, with everything under one roof.

Scalefast team is split between Los Angeles, USA and Madrid, Spain and deliver cutting edge eCommerce solutions for global brands such as Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, Puori or L’Oréal.

Their strong growth made Scalefast rank in the Fast 500 in North America and Inc 5000 #614 in 2018.


With a triple digit growth last year, Scalefast faced hyper-growth startup problems: High pressure to deliver solutions with extremely short deadlines, ambitious roadmap and A MASSIVE amount of data.

With a strong engineering team, Scalefast had the technical skills to evaluate several-analytics & business intelligence solutions.

While they managed to build a robust analytics stack based on Google Analytics, Microsoft Power BI and custom software, they often faced business questions that couldn’t be answered immediately because of data that was not tracked already.

Soon enough, Scalefast realized wasting engineering resources on analytics tracking wasn’t a cost effective option anymore.

They started to evaluate several-analytics stack on the market but quickly realized that all these solutions still required engineers to spend a great deal of time on having the tracking done properly. Given Scalefast eCommerce platform size, this would have been a huge work and without any guarantee that it would track everything their customer might need in the future.


As a startup working with very high demanding brands. We often have to answer unexpected and tough data questions. Of course it’s never nice to tell a customer we can’t answer a business question because the data is not something we thought about tracking already. While our engineering team is pretty fast, even if we would have the new tracking code implemented within a few days, it would then take weeks to accumulate a sufficient amount of data to answer the question.

Our customers expect answers in a matter of minutes, not weeks. Because we can never know what kind of data our customers will need in the future, the autotrack feature of Air360 that tracks everything caught our attention.

Air360 seemed interesting but we were worried about scalability and if Air360 would slow down our platform. As our customers are paying a lot of attention to performance, adding a tracking pixel that would slow down our website was not an option.

We took a leap of faith and decided to evaluate Air360. We were first surprised by performance, Air360 tracks almost several millions events per hour for us with zero impact on performance which is impressive.

Air360 is the only tool we found that lets everyone instantly answer business questions without any work on our side.

A great plus we didn’t expect with Air360 is that a lot of automation is done when it comes to find actionable insights. Our analytics team loves this as it makes them save a great amount of time. They don’t need to have to check dashboards every morning as Air360 autopilot let us know when something significant happened (and in real time!).

I would say that Air360 is not a perfect solution, some companies may prefer to use Adobe Analytics or more complicated tools that also offer a LOT more features than Air360 does. We preferred to stick with the simple & automated approach to behavioral analytics that Air360 provides, for our use, we found it to greatly reduce the amount of time we spend on analytics and got 10X more value that what we could dream of before using it.


less time spent on analytics


faster decision cycle


increased customer lifetime value


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