Our team was using an another tool previously but soon realized it was difficult for us to get value from it without a team of data scientist. Air360 team did the heavy lifting for us and their team is very responsive. We consider Air360 to be a competitive edge for our business.

- Charles Vieillard, Managing Director


SnapData is a mobile application created in 2015 that helps at being a smart assistant for salespeople. SnapData mobile app makes updating Salesforce information as easy as taking a picture or recording a voice memo. Their customers range from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Like many teams who are getting started with a new product, SnapData team was using the free version of Google Analytics to analyze how their mobile application was performing.

They quickly realized that while they could have the usual metrics about their application (daily users, sessions, time spent..) this was far from giving the big picture.

Given their limited time & budget, they asked their engineers to track the most common user actions (signup, new memo, message sent, etc.). Tracking every single user action would have been a huge task.

That led to a recurring problem: When a form or feature wasn’t converting well, it was impossible to get the details how far the user had filled the form or where the user was stuck in the process. Google Analytics was giving only the number of users who started to fill a form and the number of users who successfully completed it. But what in between? Such questions always required to involve engineers in order to add tracking code and re-submit the newer app version to AppStore. And then wait for weeks until sufficient data would be gathered.

So questions like “ How often is used the feature of voice memo in our new version compared to the previous version of our app?” or “Are enterprise users using the voice memo feature more than users on basic plan?” was almost an impossible task. Tracking code was complex to set up and keep consistent across app versions, and finally making sense of the data was still a challenging and time-consuming process.


SnapData product owner, decided their team needed a new solution for tackling this challenge.

“We evaluated several solutions including Mixpanel and Amplitude who had a lot of content available online on their blogs, which was clearly a great plus compared to Air360. We also received positive feedbacks regarding their solutions.

Actually Air360 mostly got our attention because of their auto track feature. Given the past few months we had going back and forth with our engineers to add & maintain tracking code and wait for data to be available, we wanted to see how Air360 was tackling this problem.

We enabled Air360 in our iOS application to get a better idea how it would fare in real-world scenario.

I clearly remember that sunny Tuesday morning when our new iOS app got accepted on the AppStore. That same day, I got back from lunch and tried to check how many users had used our voice memo feature during the morning, I got the answer instantly. Compared to our previous experience with Google Analytics, that just felt magical and a giant step forward. I couldn’t believe it as it almost felt too simple.

Another feature that our team often use is the ability to view what a given user exactly did in our app. These user stories are very useful to gain great knowledge on how our users were actually using our app. Sometimes, our support team even uses it to see which steps a user took before encountering a problem in our app.


less time spent on our analytics


increase in trial conversion rate


increase our sales


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