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More than skills, we're all about values.
Passion & teamwork are our core principles.


A company's values define who you are and shape the direction of your growth. They are a guiding light in times of uncertainty and a compass in an ever changing world.
Our hiring process has these values at its core.

People first
At the end of the day, we are all human beings. At Air360 we believe that all business is personal. People do business with people. We succeed collectively as a team, not only as individuals. We believe that magical things happen with kind & honest relationships between people.

Our mindset is we not only work for our clients but with them. We treat people with kindness because we believe it’s the only way to keep positive & long term relationships. Customers, suppliers, colleagues, competitors, and even people that we don't know are deserving of respect and kindness. We believe that mutual respect is the key to keep everyone happy and productive.

Honesty - Say it like it is
We believe in telling things like they are. Even if sometimes it means losing business, on the long term honesty is always a winning strategy. Creativity can only thrive when everyone is free to share without fear of judgement. We believe this is the most important to create the best ideas and build long term customers trust.

Respecting individuality
When it comes to people, we think diversity and originality is a strength. Our team is made of a handful of folks from different countries, with very diverse backgrounds and personalities. We value people who are authentic, open-minded, kind and passionate.

Encourage creativity
The world provides so many marvelous opportunities to explore, learn and create. Every now and again, we will find an opportunity to build something, or do something that is creative, new, and great. We love that and… that is thrilling!

We believe in making a difference
There is no true happiness in what we are doing if we are not having a positive impact on the world we live in. We are very excited to share our successes with non-profit organizations that deeply care about our little planet.

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