How we help SaaS & B2B
grow their business

Key benefits

  • Prevent churn before it happens
  • Quickly measure feature adoption
  • Detect errors in real time
  • See how your users are actually using your product

SaaS businesses face a real challenge today. With an ever growing number of SaaS slutions and B2B customers busy with getting work work done? it's extremely important to understand how your users are using your product. After a user signed up, how do you make sure she stays around? Or fully appreciate your product value? Air360 helps you get the full picture.

Prevent churn before it's too late.

Air360 AI predicts which users have a high risk of churning so you can take the appropriate action to keep them around.


Be ready for a-ha moments.

See how your users actually use your mobile app or website. Watch the exact steps your users did before leaving or buying. Spoiler alert: You might be surprised!


We let SaaS do the talking

Air360 allowed us to improve our conversion rate by 32% while also helping us to upsell our existing customer base. The best part is that it literally took us 10 minutes to install. Air360 insights also helped us quickly find a bug in our onboarding process from day one. Saying that we are very happy with air360 ROI is an understatement.

32% conversion rate increased

12% in additional revenue with upsell

7 key insights found within first week


If it's not what you expected, we'll
refund your money. No questions asked.

If you sign up for a membership at Air360 and are not satisfied in any way with thw experience we give you. we'll gladly refund 100% of your most recent payment - no questions asked.

But we're confident if you join and take your membership seriously, you'll see results. Whether you're getting new gigs from our weekly emails or learning to convert your one-off clients into retainer clients, there are dozens of ways being a member of Air360 will help you take your freelancing to the next level.

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  • Weekly gig lists packed with the best freelance jobs from around the web
  • 100+ course lessons from experts in freelancing & business
  • Instant access to long-form interviews with six-figure freelancer
  • Downloadable scripts, templates, tools and spreadsheets
  • immediate access to new features & content at no extra cost
  • fixed subscription price that will never change
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