Why did we start
another analytics product?

Background Story

In 2016 we started a "Growth As A Service" business called Air360. The vision for Air360 was to build the ultimate Customer Experience Analytics platform backed by a team combining Data Science, UX, Growth Hacking and Tech skills.

Our mission was simple: Help as many great companies as possible around the world to unlock their full growth potential by increasing their conversion rate and user retention in order to ultimately increase their sales.

Think of Air360 as your own SWAT team: A lean & effective team designed for rapid action with expertise in Data Science, UX, Growth Hacking, Conversion & Retention tactics.

Why we built our own analytics tech?

After more than 15 years working with web & mobile businesses, it was clear for us that most analytics tools on the market are designed for analysts & reporting.
In order to enable our team to lead our growth ops as smoothly as possible, deliver results and a positive ROI to our clients, we needed better analytics tech.
Platforms like Google Analytics are great but fail to deliver the full picture: They’re focused on non-actionable metrics, no user level activity tracking, they don’t tell you about user journey across all your touchpoints & devices, they don’t offer retroactivity with data, no user session replay or mouse flow, etc.

To put it simply, it was crystal clear that using only Google Analytics to increase conversion rate and user retention was like trying to operate in the dark without night goggles.

So we went out in the market to research the best technologies available and came back incredibly disappointed. Nothing out there was designed to create a 360° picture of the user and provide all the necessary tool to grow conversion rate.

So after a lot of frustration, we decided to fix the problem. As our team had strong tech skills, we made a crazy bet and created a new analytics stack from scratch.

We knew nobody had ever been in a better position to develop next generation growth analytics software since we had advantages:
Our team had all the skills needed in Data Science, Tech, UX & Growth Hacking
For the past 12 years, our team developed more than 40+ mobile & web applications for a broad type of customers which offered a great battleground for testing Air360 effectiveness in real situations

All that translated in a few simple principles when we started developing our software: 
It had to be effective: designed to find actionable insights not dashboards
It had to track every bit of data on web & mobile apps across any device
It had to provide data retroactivity: we can never predict which data will be useful or not in the future
It had to be focused on the #1 priority in growth: actionability

Why even the best analytics tech is not enough
We thought to give access to our software with a self-service model woul be a sure hit. Even we had a great onboarding experience, some of our customers were not getting the full value of the product.
Even if we managed to build what we believe is the most sophisticated tool to increase conversions and user retention, a tool is still just… a tool.

Having the best gear doesn’t mean you’re ready for battle. These are two very different things. The latter requires a broad range of different skills, flawless team work, know-how, coordination, planning, tactics and countless hours of training and drill.
Our team has a unique blend and experience of Data Science, UX, Growth and Tech skills that not only allows us to operate Air360 analytics stack effectively, but also make our customers leverage our experience.

So in 2018, we decided to create the “GrowthOps” team at Air360 in order to help our customers.

There are 4 reasons why Air360 GrowthOps team will help you increase your sales: 

1.) Automatically collects every user behavior data across any devices

No more tedious code tracking on your side. Air360 analytics stack tracks every user event across any devices. Not only this will save you A LOT of time, but it will give you an unprecedented power on getting actionable insights on how to improve your user’s experience.

2.) Increases user retention using behavioral user segmentation

Your existing user base has a lot more potential than you can imagine and an effective user segmentation strategy with automations can deliver extra sales at almost no cost. Air360 GrowthOps team will take all of the guesswork for you and will set up all the necessary automations to make sure you get these extra sales.

3.) Boost user engagement & conversion rates using Data Science & proprietary algorithms

We don’t believe in magical formula or some “insider secret” when it comes to growth. At Air360 the GrowthOps team believes in 2 things: data and a very scientific but also user focused approach. The result? A conversion rate that steadily keeps improving over time.Increasing a conversion rate is a game of inches: Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

4.) Be less busy: Let automations work for you

Air360 GrowthOps can implement automations to make your business run more efficiently. Imagine how it would feel to have extra people in your team at NO extra cost, this is how it feels when automations are done right. When it comes to automations, there’s no silver bullet. Here again, before setting up automations, the GrowthOps team analyzes a LOT of data to make sure automations will positively impact your brand image, conversions and ultimately, yes… extra sales 🙂

Air360 GrowthOps IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! It's not for you if: 

1.) Your business doesn’t rely on conversions: If most of your business is done offline, we might not be able to help

2.) Your business generates less than 50,000$ per month in online sales (mobile or web): the reason is that we want Air360 GrowthOps to pay for itself and generate at least 3x ROI. If your sales are too low, we might not be able to deliver this kind of ROI.

If you're in one of these 2 categories, then Air360’s GrowthOps is NOT a good fit for you.

In all other cases you seriously need to become an Air360 GrowthOps customer and see the immediate boost in sales success it will give to your business. 

Today is a great day to get started 🚀