Turn your existing customers
into your best growth engine.

How we help?

  • Prevent churn before it happens
  • Quickly see & increase feature adoption
  • Understand what makes people leave or stay?
  • Save A LOT of time with 1000+ automations
  • Attribution made simple
  • Be the first to know

SaaS businesses face a real challenge today. With an ever growing number of SaaS slutions and B2B customers busy with getting work work done? it's extremely important to understand how your users are using your product. After a user signed up, how do you make sure she stays around? Or fully appreciate your product value? Air360 helps you get the full picture.

6 ways we can help you


Prevent churn before it's too late.

Detect users who are likely to churn is a breeze in Air360. Segmenting your users on number of recent sessions or feature usage is super simple. What about sending an automated tip to users who clicked on your documentation in their last session but didn’t use the feature yet?


Quickly see & increase feature adoption.

How often a feature is used or understood? How fast did they got to the « aha » moment? What separates users who used your killer feature from the others?


Understand what makes users leave or stay?

Segment your users and understand what separate your power users from users who didn’t convert. Find the power users (the ones who use your product heavily) and offer to turn them into evangelists.


Save a lot of time with 1000+ automations.

Automate your Customer Success by tagging users at risk in your Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, Zendesk, you name it. Automatically send help at the right time to users who need it. Air360 integrates with 1000+ SaaS applications.


Attribution made simple.

Quickly see which sources lead to the most conversions, engagement and sales. Find out which channels are profitables and the ones that aren’t.


Be the first to know.

Air360 lets you see which steps a user did before an error occurred. This can save your tech teams a HUGE amount of time. Real time alerting also keeps you posted when new errors are found. Don’t let your customers find the bugs for you anymore.

We let SaaS do the talking

Air360 allowed us to improve our conversion rate by 32% while also helping us to upsell our existing customer base. The best part is that it literally took us 10 minutes to install. Air360 insights also helped us quickly find a bug in our onboarding process from day one. Saying that we are very happy with air360 ROI is an understatement.

32% conversion rate increased

12% in additional revenue with upsell

7 key insights found within first week


A few SaaS companies we help achieve stellar results!

If it's not what you expected, we'll
refund your money. No questions asked.

If you sign up for an Air360 account and are not satisfied in any way with the experience we give you. We'll gladly refund 100% of your most recent payment - no questions asked.

Why? There are dozens of ways Air360 will help you take your business to the next level so we're confident you'll see results and if not, then we have no right to keep your money.

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Here's everything you'll get with
your Air360 membership


Ready in 1 minute

It literally takes less than a minute to start tracking your first events.


Capture everything

No more hassle of configuring events, no more app to re-submit, just install and enjoy!


Low latency & footprint

Unlike many analytics, our code is extra light and doesn’t slow down your app or website.


User focused

Forget about clicks & page views, start understanding user behavior and what drives growth or churn.


Data augmented

Our API lets you add any extra information about your users for improved insights.


Adapts to you

Our data scientists team is by your side to ensure you get the most useful metrics for your business.