Our Mission

Empower top teams with top insights

We created Air360 because we believe modern technology should be increasingly leveraged in order to push analytics softwares one step forward.

  • Analytics should track everything by design. With Air360, never lose any historical data.
  • Analytics should be insightful, our AI monkey Monchi will empower you with recommendations and alerts, analytics will not be analytics only anymore.
  • Top-notch analytics should be affordable for everyone. Our pricing is transparent and our plans start at an accessible price tag.
  • We believe in longstanding relationships. Air360 engine is best-in-class, with a very clean data model. You can trust the data and use it wherever you want.
  • We mostly invest in our technology and in the product and we don't rely on external fundraising.

Behind Air360



Florent designed the complete product and data model.
Florent started coding in Basic at 8 and never stopped being passionate about complex problems.



Charles has over 10 years work experience. He started as a Consultant to move to the existing world of SaaS Martech. He contributed to the success of Botify, the leading Enterprise-level SEO platform.


Lead Developper

Xavier has been working for Air360 since the beginning of the project. He has over 10 years of experience in coding in various technology. He is involved in the full stack.