We help businesses grow their web & mobile apps by providing the best tools to better understand and engage their users.

Our story took its roots from a problem we saw too often with mobile apps and websites: A crazy amount of time and money is spent to acquire customers but only a tiny fraction of them stay around and even a tinier fraction of them become profitable.
No matter how good your content or acquisition strategy your customer base is a leaky bucket.
Air360 increase retention and maximize existing user base value. Your profits increase.

Our solution

Air360 helps you unleash the full power of one of your biggest growth engines: your user base.

With more and more apps, services, websites everyday it is harder than ever to rise above the noise and keep user attention. Considering users as a single uniform cohort doesn’t work anymore. Your users are expecting an experience which is personalized & relevant. To achieve this, Air360 leverages data science, machine learning and automation features to make your users feel special.


Air360 allows you to better understand your users by coupling a powerful micro segmentation engine with advanced data analysis models.

The micro segmentation engine allows you to dynamically segment your users in real time based on user behavior with extremely fine graining. For instance, a user segment could be “users who first came in your app less than a week ago, speak English, have more than 100 Twitter follower, added at least 5 items to cart but did not purchase yet”. In eCommerce you could imagine segments like “anonymous visitors”, “one-time customers”, “repeating customers”, “loyal customers”, “were repeating customers but now lapsing”.

Once segments are defined, the analytics engine will run various statistical and predictive models to find the most interesting insights about these segments. The result is a high-definition big picture of your customer base. You can now answer questions like:
How my users actually my product? What set of actions make them stay, leave or purchase? Where my most valuable users come from and what feature do they most engage with? What set of actions or behavior are likely to induce churn?


Engage module enables you to rise above the noise by sending trigger-based messages on the right channel with the right content at the right time for your user. This creates a personalized user experience that shows your users that you care & understand them.

Messages can be sent across a any channel (SMS, Push, Mail, InApp, Twitter, Messenger…) and can leverage your existing communication platforms very easily thanks to our simple REST API. Possibilities are limitless!

A concrete example here would be to create a set of automated messages aiming at bringing the users from the segment “were repeating customers but now lapsing” back to the segment “repeating customers”.

This module is the cornerstone of boosting your users lifetime value by keeping your them coming back, engaged and happy!

Full service approach

While there are many tools and solutions to improve user retention out there today, a lot of companies fail to get the best value out of them for a simple reason: At the end of the day, even the best & smartest user retention tool is only a tool.

We believe the difference lies in people and ideas. Air360 approach is to bundle the air360 platform with a team of dedicated data & retention specialists.

Air360 includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com.

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