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Why is my checkout abandonment so high?

What segments convert better and why?

Why acquisition traffic is not converting?

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Understand User Trends

Visualize what is happening on your eCommerce at a glance with Dashboards & Funnels that will display descriptive metrics and trends of user behavior.


Discover patterns and obstacles

Unveil how your users like to buy and where they get stuck during their purchase process. Our event-based User Journeys will show you the paths across your eCommerce experience that will lead to improvement opportunities.


Get to the root cause

Understand what is blocking or boosting your buying experience with easy-to-use on-page analysis. Define hypotheses and validate them through Sessions Replays to prescribe good recommendations that will increase conversion.


Quick wins to enhance your user experience

Prioritize improvements based on the impact they have on your business and target segments that did not convert to give them a second change.

Visualize data where you need

Air360 is an Open Data Solution, meaning that we you can extract all your data and visualize it on your favorite Business intelligence solution.

Use the Export API

Export Segments, and metrics from Air360 to your Techstack

Connect to your BI tools

Visualize Air360 metrics in your favorite BI tool.

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