Collect & Visualize customer behavior in 3 clicks

Get the complete view on your customers behavior with a simple and codeless UX analytics solution. Activate in less than 5 minutes with your tag manager.

No more tagging & coding

All your data is auto-tracked by implementing Air360 Pixel to your website. 1 line of Javascript code and every user interaction will be captured.


Capture every click, scroll, pageview, tap, any user interaction by default with your CSS & html elements.

Plug and Play

Use Air360 total capacity from day 1, avoid extra configuration steps, and reduce time to insights.


Forget about manual tagging to track any product, purchase, or user interaction even if your website changes its design constantly.


User your tag management system to implement Air360 and track any data type without requiring technical deployment.

Easily collect any data point you need, to make better decisions

User journeys

Track, clicks, mouse overs, pageviews, sessions, hesitation time, and more engagement metrics that will help you understand how users interact with your content and adopt your store’s features.

User frustration

Uncover conversion blockers like rage clicks, erratic movements , and any frustration signal or technical errors to visualize obstacles on your user journeys.

Shopping & purchase behavior

Understand the impact of your user behavior on your business results to improve your acquisition and loyalty strategy.

Meet Air360’s Auto-Tracking pixel


Data you can trust

Our first-party cookie technology allows us to capture all user interactions with your website CSS & HTML elements while ensuring data privacy compliance.



Capture 100% of your traffic

Our Auto-Tracking technology does not sample any data to make sure all user interactions and behaviors are tracked and all accurate to make the right decisions.



Keep all your historic data

Our tagless technology allows you to keep track of all your user behaviors from the day our pixel was installed. This way you will not miss any data to make any business decision.



Ensure your store’s performance

Our Auto-tracking pixel is the lightest JS SDK in the market. This will ensure you make the most out of your user's data without harming your store's performance level.

Data can be collected in many ways with Air360

Enrich Air360's data with other datasets and go beyond behavioral analysis

Data Layer

Use your Data layer configuration to push product or merchandise properties, as well as any custom event.

URL Query parameters

Identify your users across multiple domains, and devices by adding parameters on your url.

Meta Data

Create custom events using metadata properties thar are already on your online store.


Identify users, push product or user properties and transactional data through an easy connection with Air360’s APIs.

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