Easily get the user behavior you need

Air360 is designed for data and business users to get full visibility of your users. Our solution allows you to define behavioral events and segments to use for analysis, marketing with just few clicks.


Visualize any user interaction you need inside Air360



Create powerful behavioral segments to enrich your analysis



Define events in just one click

Pageviews, clicks, scrolls, even errors... they can all be events inside Air360. Our point and click technology will allow you to simply click on the element you want to analyze and create an event.

Define events inside Air360 to:

Visualize trends in real time

Create reports by event or event type to keep track of user behavior’s performance.

Discover behavioral patterns

Create funnels to see where users drop-off and reveal where they go with our User Journeys.

Validate Hypothesis

Filter Session Replays by behavior and validate your hypothesis with relevant replays.

Create powerful segments

Define segments of users that triggered any type of event during their session.



User segments at the center of your analysis

Avoid misleading insights from aggregate data creating segments for your analysis. Our segmentation engine is not only a feature it's at the center of everything you can do inside Air360.

Define Segments inside Air360 to:

Avoid selection bias

Aggregate data does not tell you much of the story. Adding segments will give you full understanding.

Discover profitable segments

Compare performance between segments and discover the most profitable ones for your business.

Enhance your experience

Push segments into your A/B testing and dynamic content solutions for personalization.

Retarget non-converted users

Give a second chance to those users that did not convert on your eCommerce.

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